Sarah Eyk Photography


Freelance photographer qualified for both event and studio photography. Creatively executes a wide range of photography including commercial, lifestyle, sports, music, engagement, wedding, fashion, travel, portrait, and family photography. I’m very personable with a background in the Fine Arts. I graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design located in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelors in Fine Art Photography degree in May 2012.

I have been shooting photos ever since I can remember. I still have the first photo my memory can recall taking- a still life of my stuffed animals and bubble-tape gum set up on a coffee table. My passion has grown from a hobby and headed into a dream career. In 2010, I was offered an internship at Transworld Snowboarding Magazine. I took one semester off of school to move out to California and work at the magazine. I absolutely loved the Californian lifestyle and the workplace at the magazine. From this experience I gained a lot of knowledge of the photography industry, how to handle my business, and appreciation to those around you. I have since moved from the mighty midwest out to Las Vegas, Nevada!

Resumé and references available upon request. Feel free to contact me about myself or my work. If you are interested in rates, they are negotiable and dependent on the job and time required.

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